About Marti Cuatt

I am The Infatuated Foodie. I'm passionate about good food, sourced locally, prepared with happiness and eaten with joy. I am a Tasmanian girl, who lived in the foodie heaven universe of Melbourne for 20 years before returning to the island state of my birth. Exploring how much food and wine has grown in leaps and bounds is bringing me much joy. I now share my experience with the world. With love. Marti Q xx

T_I_F has a new home

It’s taken almost a year and is far from complete, but TIF has finally launched at the new Australian domain of: infatuatedfoodie.com.au

I also have a new logo:


There’s not much that’s new on the site as yet, but I’ve been a busy bee working the corporate life in Melbourne again, so blogging and loving food has been light on the agenda.  That said, I’ll be adding new content, including recipes, musings and reviews of food and wine into the future.

So head on over and take a look.

Cheers xx